Color Picker going free – for a while

Hi Didlr Peeps!

In celebration of today being a nice, sunny day with lots of people smiling we’ve decided to make the color picker free!

Will we keep this up forever? Probably not. We’ll go back to it costing a few pence for a period of use at some point. These servers don’t pay for themselves (actually, they really don’t – running Didlr costs us a fortune – do you know anyone who’d like to invest in Didlr?) so we need to claw in any cash we can get in order to keep the lights on!

But for now: ENJOY! You still have to ‘get’ the color picker and you’ll still need to do it every week but that’s no hardship for the pleasure of getting EVERY SINGLE COLOR EVER INVENTED in your didls!

The change has been made on Windows and Windows phone – it’ll take until Microsoft approve it to go through so just keep trying until it doesn’t charge you.

So why don’t you celebrate this by being even more smiley. Go on, go smile at someone right now!

Will the real @didlr please stand up?

@didlr is the ONLY admin account you need to know about.
Recently some other dodgy users popped up and started telling you there were admins, could ban users, were looking at accounts and so on.
All lies. @didlr is the only admin account.
If anyone needs any further information on this please email

stay classy, didlrs

The secrets behind Didlr starring and how to make it to Featured Didl


You’ve been asking to be in the know and we’re willing to share our deepest secrets with you. Throughout the day and night members of the Didlr team search through the many thousands of didls created by you and decide which ones will be starred and seen by everyone. They will ensure a good mix of styles and subjects and will deliberately skip over any didl that is naughty, rude or potentially too offensive for general viewing :)

BUT just because your didl didn’t get starred doesn’t mean it was offensive, you may just have lucked out and your didl didn’t get seen that time.  If you created something that you think the whole world should see and it just doesn’t get starred, try publishing it again at a later time or date. If you keep getting skipped over we promise it’s nothing personal :), just tweet us or post on our Facebook or DM us with your starring request, there are loads of ways of getting in touch! Perseverance is the key to success people!!

So how do you get Featured then??
The secret to being featured is to get on your knees and beg!! Hehe. No. There are some absolute, but simple, key rules to being featured and here they are:

  1. Number 1, Featured Didls are always done in landscape view, so turn your phone into horizontal mode and get drawing.
  1. Second, your didl can’t be too complicated, otherwise it’d take ages to load up on everyone’s phone, via the app, especially on Windows where we actually have it start drawing on the home screen – people love that it does that! Sorry @munin and other super-didl creators, but, hey, you get loads of attention anyway! :)

Munin - Caribbean Creed


  1. Be original, be original, be original. Your didl must be completely unique to get noticed, so not a brand or character that everyone has already seen a million times. Well, that’s the rule, though sometimes one of our peeps (most likely the one who lives in the broom cupboard) might accidentally feature Pusheen or MLP lookalikes. That said, on occasion we have run campaigns with big brands like Nokia in which case we’ve encouraged featuring didls for their brand.
  1. Tis the season for it! Duh, your Merry Christmas didl won’t get featured on 14th February but if you draw the Queen of England on her Birthday you might just be in with a chance. We’ll even tweet it at her for you ;)
  1. Caption. Make sure your didl has a caption, a cool caption that’s nice and makes sense, but perhaps not too long and rambling. People like when you add words and #hashtags to your didls.
  1. The force is just strong with you. Yes, some people are just born lucky and they got picked out of the bunch for no particular reason. These are the same people who win the plush toy first time on one of those grabbing machines at the arcade. You may in fact be one of these types. For the rest of you keep on trying, just as you keep on spending all your pocket money at the arcade! :)
  1. Actually, now’s the time to start begging. So you followed ALL the rules and you keep trying over and over but your didl is STILL not featured. Tweet us, FB us, tell all your friends to do the same, throw all your toys out of your pram and make a load of noise. It may just work!

So there you have it, the secret to being Featured. Apply the same approach to life and you could find you are a winner after all!

Stay happy!


Didlr should be fixed now

We are so, so sorry for the problems you’ve had publishing didls. We think everything is OK now.

We moved didlr from one set of servers to another. It was an essential thing to do to keep didlr running. But unfortunately we found that on the new servers only very small didls would publish or even save as drafts.

The tech team worked around the clock to fix this and we finally think that things are OK now.

We can only apologise for the problems. We understand how frustrating that it can be when didlr isn’t working and we recognise that some of you will have lost your hard work because you couldn’t publish or save. We are so, so, so very sorry and we hope that you’ll understand that we always try our best.

Thank you for your patience, love and support through over the last couple of days. If you would kindly tell the world that we’re back we would be most grateful.



Who copied who? Who cares!

Howdy Didlr folks,

Thanks to those of you who have given us feedback. It seems that some of you Didlr users are getting frustrated with each other about copying and whose copied who.

There’s such amazing art on Didlr, but then it’s so upsetting for everyone to see those occasional negative comments underneath arguing about who did that didl first or whether it’s original.

If you have genuinely been copied we totally understand your frustrations and your strong feelings. It’s just not cool that they copied your work and claimed it as their own :(

We’ve looked into solving this problem and plan to add a new feature to tell you when didls have been traced, so everyone knows what’s original and what’s not. Because when used properly, the tracing tool is awesome!!

BUT in the meantime, whilst we’re in the process of developing this, please try and stay friends!!!

Remember this is Didlr, not the United Nations.


What a jolly time you’ll have – prizes, Medls & more #ChristmasDidl


What a jolly Christmas you’re going to have on Didlr:


Have you been entering the #DidlFest competitions? Well, we’ve started a new one all the way up until 23rd December:

  • The two most Christmassy didls with #ChristmasDidl or #DidlFest will win!
  • The prize is being the Featured Didl on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day… PLUS a really cool Musemee stylus!


Did you know that medls are back? it’s true!
And as a special limited-time celebration you can earn one with a #ChristmasDidl didl!


Print shop – Christmas gifts


When you have created your Christmas didls get them printed on a T-shirt, clock, bag or even a skateboard to give to those special people in your life!

So get started on your MOST festive drawings, earn medls, print them on stuff and don’t forget to tweet them @didlr

Keep smiling, all the way to Christmas!!

Medls are back


They’re bad and they’re back! Didlr Medls. Yay! Awarded for your achievements when using Didlr… as you might have worked out from the name? If you don’t believe this to be true then go ahead and earn one!!

If you haven’t had the chance to appreciate just how great medls are, or haven’t even heard of them before. Then heres some important Medl information, just for you:

  • Each time you earn a medl you’ll get a lovely email sending our congratulations. There are currently 24 medls to earn but one of them is a secret medl (kinda) so we’ll leave it to your incredible powers of deduction to work this one out! You also get an in-app notification when you earn one!
  • Of course you can turn email notifications off at your leisure but why would you not want to get recognition for gaining a gazillion followers or for starrings of your bestest didls??

This is the current Medl List – but you’ll have to click >>HERE<< to to find out how to get them:

[Secret Medl]
Nobody Does It Better!
New Entry
Primary Colours
Decadidl Hotting Up!
I Know What You Didled Last Summer!
Stalk Much?
Famous Five …
And Do The Conga!
Return To Sender
You’ve Got Mail!
Twinkle Twinkle …
Cygnus A Ton Of Love!
Super Star DJ
Feel The Love!
Star Shower
My God, It’s Full Of Stars!
Did A Didlr Didl
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Opened a Gallery

Hey, if you have a suggestion for a super-duper Medl we can implement, leave your comment below.


Stay happy! Didlr

Zazzle’s working again!


For a while now Zazzle has been down, and we have been working very hard to fix it.

The good news is IT’S BACK and you can now turn your didl’s into stuff!

Yes, it’s true, the Didlr Print Shop is NOW OPEN!! :D

Well, what are you waiting for – go ahead, check it out! Select any of your didls in the app (make sure you have the latest version) or on web and click/tap to take it to the Print Shop. Choose what you want to print on (customize it more if you like) then order. Simple!!


Go crazy! You can print your didls on hats, t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, pillows, aprons, posters, wallets etc… you can even design your very own skateboard!



We still want you to be able to make money from selling prints of your own didls – this is only fair! So how’s that going to happen?

Well, the Print Shop is currently still in BETA so we can see how folks are using it and improve on it further. We have decided to work with the lovely people at Zazzle who are working hard to print your didls to the best quality and ship them out to you.

Right now though Zazzle don’t give us all the information we need to tell when your particular didls have been bought as prints but if the BETA is a success we will speak more with them and ask for specific information to be sent back to us when a didl is printed. As soon as we get that we will be able to create a reporting system for you, so you will be able to set up shop right away!! :)

In the meantime, any money we make will go back into supporting and developing the service – that’s a promise! :)





Exciting News! End of #MonsterBuddy Start of #didlfest


FacebookHey, hey!

The #MonsterBuddy didlfest was a super success! We got to see all the 100s of amazing monster drawings you created and Facebook Monster is stoked to hangout with all his new friends! He really struggled to choose his new best buddy so well done to @cecebug [] for the awesome friend [] you created for him.

What’s the next didlfest going to be? How about a special competition over summer??

PLUS we’re really happy to be working with Musemee to bring you amazing prizes for competition winners – SUPER SLIM STYLUSES! Keep coming back to discover the latest, interactive didl fun festival across Didlr, Facebook & Twitter!

Happy didling and keep on smiling :)


Batman day

Na na na na na BATMAN!

So today is DC’s official Batman day!

To mark such a special day go ahead and create your own Batman didl. Make sure to draw your best Batman related creation to get featured on Facebook, Twitter and Didlr. This event will only briefly interrupt #MonsterBuddy which is still running and we will announce Facebook Monster’s best buddy at the end of the week.
Although we don’t want out monster getting lonely, so please keep sending in some new buddies for him to play with!

Stay happy!!

Didlr + Batman